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What Friends We Were by David Stephens is a poignant exploration of friendship’s evolution over time. The narrative weaves a tale of three childhood friends who share an unexplained mystery. As the characters traverse their distinct paths into adulthood, their lives diverge, and connections wane.

The novel delicately unfolds the complexities of changing relationships and the transformative impact of life’s twists. When chance reunites them, the childhood mystery that once bound them resurfaces, offering a resolution that, while no longer pivotal, prompts reflections on the essence of their former closeness.

David Stephens’ storytelling is characterized by simplicity and mystery, creating a narrative that resonates with readers on a deep emotional level. The book is a testament to Stephens’ keen observational skills and his ability to capture the nuances of human connections.

Through vivid storytelling, What Friends We Were invites readers to contemplate the enduring nature of friendship, the fluidity of memories, and the solace found in recalling the bonds that once defined them.

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