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What Friends
We Were

What Friends We Were by David Stephens is a heartfelt exploration of evolving friendships and shared mysteries. Simple yet mysterious, it navigates the complexities of life, love, and reminiscence.

About The Author

David Stephens, a storyteller born into the post-World War II baby boom, embodies a journey marked by resilience, passion, and a keen observance of life’s intricacies. Hailing from a small coal-mining village in the industrial Midlands of England, Stephens transcended limited academic qualifications to carve a diverse path.

From blue-collar work to studying independently, he eventually gained entry to university. A brief stint in industry gave way to a pursuit of his passion for travel, reflecting a spirit unafraid of embracing change. Returning to England, he redefined his trajectory, transitioning to social work and later becoming a senior manager overseeing the welfare of children in London.

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About The book

What Friends We Were by David Stephens is a poignant exploration of friendship’s evolution over time. The narrative weaves a tale of three childhood friends who share an unexplained mystery. As the characters traverse their distinct paths into adulthood, their lives diverge, and connections wane.

The novel delicately unfolds the complexities of changing relationships and the transformative impact of life’s twists. When chance reunites them, the childhood mystery that once bound them resurfaces, offering a resolution that, while no longer pivotal, prompts reflections on the essence of their former closeness.

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What Friends We Were, David Stephens’s latest release is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

David Stephens is an English author born during the post-World War II baby boom. He is known for his powerful and observant storytelling.

This novel by David Stephens explores evolving friendships, mysterious shared pasts, and the gentle solace found in recollection.

What the Readers think

Nancy D

"The mystery got me curious, but the friendship stuff hit home. Nostalgic but not too sentimental. Thumbs up!"

Peter M

"Found myself in those pages. Made me miss my buddies. Simple, relatable, and it lingered after the last page."

Mia L.

"Stephens nailed the ups and downs of friendships. It resonated with me. Simple, honest, and beautifully captures the essence of changing relationships."

Susan H

"It had seriously been a while since I read a book that I enjoyed as much as this book. The characters are well-thought-out, and I kept coming back to the book until the very read."

Sarah S

"I'm usually not a fan of serious novels, but this was anything but that! I really enjoyed the bond between the characters and how the story kept flowing. This is definitely one for the shelves!"

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